Word of mouth of [CUORIA]

Selection of brassiere is fun!

When I drank CUORIA, I was effective.I got nervous more than 1 cup in one month. Though became glad, and there was resistance of choosing you in a bra by the shopping that had bought a pretty bra for at once; is just very fun!

I become more beautiful

Poverty milk found CUORIA for an inferiority complex from old days. I did not notice by oneself very much."A style improved" from a boyfriend! I was super glad to be said. I want to become more beautiful when praised.

CUORIA thank you!

which I dieted for summer, but has disappeared to a chest together. I decided to drink with a wish in CUORIA to bring back only a chest somehow. It is surprised to begin to drink for one month to have uploaded 1 cup! where I succeed in diet and come with bust up, and the best summer seems to be greeted.

where the hot spring became able to take confidence

Because I liked hot springs, I went well, but decided not to be able to have confidence on a chest, and to drink CUORIA.The feelings that begin to drink, and a chest sets up soon increase; this! I drank with and expectation regularly every day. There were some the stagnation period, but is surprised to improve in C from A in three months myself!


Summary [CUORIA]

In this way, there seems to be much [CUORIA] satisfied by an effect.

The characteristic of CUORIA combining equol as well as pueraria supplement.

Because equol makes up for female sex hormone and builds it up to a well-controlled body, as well as bust up, it may be said that it is a good supplement to aim at the feminine body