Word of mouth of [LUNA Pueraria]

A chest really grows big when I drink!

I discover what only I was always over for half a year because it is flat-chested though unpleasant, and grow poco when I go with a friend and a hot spring or the sea! Very glad.

Begin to drink; and three months

Drank for the trial that the friend who drank LUNA recommended;, three months later, it was possible for a valley on a chest of the poverty milk after began to drink it. I think that wish continues to grow big a little more from now on and drinks it.

The skin roughness improved, too

Because it is the breast of the feeling that hung down a little, I want to feel like I swelled with a pin and drink it. The skin roughness that appeared before menstruation whether the ingredient which is good for beauty is because I enter gradually disappears and is well-conditioned!

A good thing is dull after drinking

It swallows up LUNA and can drink without a side effect in peace for six months. Such the severe menstrual pain was relaxed considerably. It is astonishment in one cup having grown big when tension appears in a chest as for effect in itself of the bust up from the third month and has you just measure size in a shop to buy a brassiere recently. It was allowed to swallow up LUNA.


Summary [LUNA]

In this way, there seems to be much LUNA satisfied by an effect.

It is a nice effect to help not only the bust up effect but also skin roughness and the menstrual pain relaxation.